The Hawksbill Crag

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What readers are saying about The Hawksbill Crag novel.
I'm on chapter 24 of The Hawksbill Crag. Gotta say, been quite a while since I've enjoyed a book this much. There's adventure in every page. Yet, there's still plenty of description to give the reader a feeling of 'being there'. Just wanted to let you know how much I'm enjoying this book. Mickie J.
Darn book kept me up all night! Could not put it down.
Maredith Sisco, "The voice of the music of the movie
Winter's Bone."

5.0 out of 5 stars

Inspired by the 1838 hanging of a fourteen year old slave girl who once lived in the Snelson-Brinker cabin, combined with the deep roots of Missouri author, Richard Oliver Snelson, a Masterpiece of historical fiction was born. Captain Paintier lives with disturbing, haunting memories of his boyhood home. Under military orders, he must return to his homeland as he relives his nightmares of the past. Tormented by guilt, dedication to his call of duty, his new love life and the burning desire to cleanse his past sins, he finds himself on a dark road to danger. Who was involved in a forbidden relationship, and who was responsible for the death of a young girl? It is many years later when the Captain returns, does he seek redemption, and can he mend his old wounds? I highly recommend this captivating book to all fiction lovers, who enjoy intense drama with explosive action in an intriguing adventure. The story grabs your attention immediately and the characters come to life, along with Southern mythology, culture, and tradition. The author conveys the issues of the Civil War, injustice, and the horrifying incident at Steelville. Who was responsible for the ambush that burned down Nelson's home, and killed his dad? How old was Nelson the day they murdered Mary, and what happened to Joshua's mother? The reader can imagine frightened horses running in pouring rain as Richard Oliver Snelson describes hardships of war and chilling events in a battle cry for freedom, made for the movie screen. The story is insightful, as spine-tinglingas REVENGE, and as thrilling as THE COURAGE OF LOVE.
"THE HAWKSBILL CRAG" is historical fiction at its best!